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Friday Five | Best Spider-Man: Homecoming Quotes

In excitement for next week's premier of "Spider-Man: Far from Home," we recently rewatched "Homecoming." It's definitely one of our favorite Marvel movies (top three!), so it's always fun to find an excuse to watch it. As we were, I am reminded at how great the writers did with some of these lines, and decided to devote this Friday Five to some of my favorite quotes from the movie. Take a look, and tell me your favorites! (Because I could only fit five, and there are so many more wonderful ones!)

"Good old Spider-Man."

Probably one of the best scenes in movies or TV. From the second the door opens and Peter realizes that Vulture is Liz's dad, to him walking out of the car at the homecoming dance, everything about this scene is perfect! No matter how many times we watch it, each time there is so much tension! It always seems like Vulture might attack him right then and there. The look of realization Michael Keaton has when finally figures out Peter is Spider-Man ... the way the street light turns from red to green almost as if to make that visualization even more apparent. Everything about this is perfection!

"This is your chance Peter ... kiss her."

Karen brings a ton of comedic effect to the movie, but one of her best lines is when Peter is hanging upside down in the elevator, having just saved Liz. To hark on a Spider-Man of the past (yes, that one with Toby McGuire), she tries to encourage Peter to kiss Liz ... and then he falls! It's a great bit of humor and fun nod to the silliness of the original trilogy, but with the perfect "Homecoming" twist!

"Deactivate interrogation mode."

Poor Peter! He just wants information, and between interrogation mode and instant kill, he's not getting what he needs! But that realization that he doesn't need interrogation mode to get what he wants is hilarious. The sound of his "interrogation mode" voice is beyond funny, and how dejected he is when he doesn't think it's working is perfection."

"What the fu--!"

This is along the same lines as Captain America almost saying "Assemble" at the end of "Ultron." May realizing that Peter is Spider-Man is the greatest end (except the end-credit scene ... read more on that one next!).

"I'm here to talk about one of the most important qualities a student or soldier can have: patience. Sometimes it leaves to very little, and you wonder why you waited so long for something so disappointing."

I think this might be the first post-credit scene that doesn't tease another Marvel movie, and that's part of what makes it so perfect! If you're a Marvel fan, you know to stay to the end to see the next tease, but there isn't one. And Captain America understands - sometimes that's pretty disappointing. But not here. This is probably one of the best post-credit scenes to date, and perfect, considering the tone of the movie, and his other cameos earlier in the film.

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