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Friday Five | An Introduction

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week, I'll be posting a new blog post with five things ... those five things may be tips or fun facts or snippets of information ... whatever I may be finding interesting at the time. I don't necessarily have rhyme or reason to them, but they're really just an opportunity for you to learn a little about me (and maybe learn some tips of the trade). However, the other part of the goal is for me to learn about you through these posts. After you read them, take to the comments (here, Facebook, wherever!) and tell me your thoughts! Add to my five, share your five, tell me what you want to hear! I'm open to all the things.

To get started, I wanted to share five things about me you might not know (outside of the fact that I'm married to the wonderful Jared and that I'm a photographer and also work for a school district!). I might do this topic a few times, but these are few go-to things to help you get to know more about me!

I mean, obviously, right? Here are my two little ones: Bella (on the left) and Izzy (on the right).

Cats are My Spirit Animals

If you know anything about me, you know I love cats. All cats. I always joke with Jared that he has to outlive me, otherwise I'd be a crazy cat lady. He says the number of cats we have can't outnumber the humans, but I always try to get him to let me have more! I totally don't understand the fascination with dogs, but cats I get! They are soft and cuddly and don't smell! And these two are my absolute favorite! I've had them for 10 years, and I know they will pull a Binx and outlive me (pre destruction of the Sanderson sisters of course!).

Comic Con! Left: Jared and I with Sean Aston, Sean Bean and Billy Boyd from "Lord of the Rings."

Right: Jared and I with Brian Krause and Holly Marie Combs of "Charmed." (We had them sign this picture!)

Big Movie/TV Fans + Comic Con Goer

Our version of nightlife is hanging out at home and watching movies and TV (or going to the movies). We enjoy doing things, but also enjoy a good story, so entertainment is a big part of our lives. I've always enjoyed a pretty broad variety of shows and movies, but once I met Jared, I became even more of a superhero/sci-fi lover. We are those people that go to the 7 p.m. release of movies the day before they officially come out (what used to be known as the midnight release ... but let's be honest, 7 p.m. is way better when you're a grown up and have to be up at 5:30 the next morning!). And we're usually at the movies every week, if not more than than.

When we started dating, we also starting taking turns watching each other's favorite shows. I've now seen the full seasons of a few Star Trek shows (TNG, DS9 and Enterprise) and Jared's been introduced to "Gilmore Girls" (and yes, he loved it!), among others. One of the best things about doing this is that we get to not only learn what the other likes, but we get to hear stories, like how instead of a graduation ring, Jared asked for Star Trek on DVD (yes, at a time when DVDs were kind of a thing!) or how the reason I've always wanted a Prius was because that's what Rory drove (okay, before that was a Jeep because it's what Piper on "Charmed" had ...). It's a great way to share stories and learn about important entertainment events in our lives.

A few years ago, we went to our first Comic Con, and now we're hooked! It's so amazing to hear the stories and input from your favorite stars (or stars from your favorite shows), and learn some behind-the-scenes snippets. Hearing James Marsters talk not just about his character, Spike, but about "Buffy" as a whole, with such insight (not just fun stories of behind-the-scenes antics, but real analysis and comparisons) is exactly why we go. And why we go each year! (I might have do a Friday Five of our favorite Comic Con speakers, don't you think?)

Snow! Jared and I tried to make a snowman ... it didn't go super well! :)

I Smell Snow!

Yes, of course it's a "Gilmore Girls" reference! But it's true! I LOVE snow! I don't know for how long, but I love it. I can pull a Lorelai and know when it's about to snow. And while I don't get to go outside and play in it much (despite these pictures), I try to at least sit with the windows open so I can enjoy it's loveliness!

Look, we run! Left: the Hospital Hill Run in Kansas City. Middle top: One year we thought it would be a great idea to do two runs in one day. This is our swag from the Hot Cider Run and the Cupcake Run. Middle bottom: The cupcake run from this year! Right: A run we did at Jared's work. Jared ran with me since it wasn't timed.

Not a Runner ... But I Still do Races

While Jared isn't the fastest man on earth, he still enjoys running, so I've started doing them, too. Each morning before work, we both exercise on our respective treadmills (Jared runs, I walk), but when it's time for a race, I can pull out a decently slow 12-minute mile and run it (except if the hills suck!). Running is not my thing (especially after tearing my MCL a few years ago), but it's something we can do together. And since Jared usually does the longer distances, I still usually finish before him! :)

Our favorite run of the year, though, is the Cupcake Run. Every November, we participate in the sweetest (and most unhealthy!) 5K. So, a 5K is equivalent to 3.1 miles. However, during the cupcake run, at every kilometer, there is a cupcake stand where you have the choice of either running past it or eating a regular-sized cupcake to have three minutes deducted from your run time (it used to be five minutes, but people could eat five cupcakes and run the race in less than 25 minutes, thus the math got confusing, so they changed it to three! That's our theory at least!). While this may sound like the silliest thing (and a bit counterintuitive since running is healthy and cupcakes aren't!), there is actually quite a bit of strategy involved. You have to consider at what point eating a cupcake isn't worth it (say, it takes more than three minutes) ... or how to eat the cupcake (we've found the sandwich method is best, so you don't get stuck with the dry cake and not icing, which makes it harder to go down). There's a lot to consider, and we love it!

Izzy, who is the softest!, and my fun cozy blanket.

Lover of All Things Soft

I mean, who isn't, really? If it's soft, I'll take it!

I hope you enjoyed getting a little more insight about me! Drop me a line and let me know five things about you!

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