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Schultz Christmas Party | 2017

It was such an honor to be invited back to the Schultz Cocktail Party this year! Each year, Rich and Joan throw an amazing holiday party for family and friends. It is always an affair to remember, and I think having photographers (Jared and I!) there, makes it that much more glamorous, and a great way to commemorate the event and those who could attend. I was sorry to hear, though, that this was most likely their last party (they are now only spending summers in St. Louis), but I am so excited for Rich and Joan and wish them the best!

The evening was a blast, and everyone warmed up to use pretty well! For the most part, at least! Here are some of our favorites from the evening!

Our wonderful hosts Rich and Joan, with their three daughters in front of the tree before the party started. We had the honor of photographing Patricia, on the left, and her family this fall.

It was a great evening, full of fun interactions, like Luke here on the right trying to get in a kiss!

I love this sneaky look of these ladies talking, with the tree off to the side!

Let's just say that the gentleman in the black coat didn't walk in with that picture attached to his back!

I really love the Schultz's house. How can you not love this kitchen? Rich gave us a tour the first time we photographed an event for him, and it's a stunning home!

And this amazing tree! In front of these beautiful windows! I'm not surprised that Jared took this picture! (He LOVES Christmas!)

This collage is everything! Every time they saw me, we got the pointed fingers and big grin. So much fun!

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