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Cheryl and Patrick | Couples Session

I was so excited to work with these two! Cheryl and Patrick are family friends. I'd seen Cheryl recently, but hadn't seen Patrick in quite a few years ... probably since the days of pig roasts at my granny's bar from pre-college years. They haven't had professional pictures taken since their wedding, nearly 30 years ago, so they were the perfect winners of our contest earlier this year for a free session.

It was a pleasure getting to spend the afternoon with them. We had to reschedule our first date due to rain (that of course started as we were walking out the door!). And on this particular rescheduled day, it was a lovely 40-degrees out! And colder by the water of the lake. Despite the freezing cold, Cheryl and Patrick were great, and we had a blast!

Cheryl's laugh here is beautiful!

This was such a great spot. I love the rocks of the bridge, and have great Patrick's Cardinals shirt stands out!

I really love this picture of Cheryl on the left, with their noses touching! It was so fun!

Another great expression from Cheryl! I love how they both look at each other!

We of course had to get a picture infant of the lake!

Cheryl found this great spot with this wonderful white fence. And even though there weren't a lot of colors in the park, there were a ton from this side and that made a beautiful backdrop!

This is the perfect reaction from Patrick! What great smiles from both of them! I just love it!

Next to the fence was this odd, old brick building with a red roof and door, so we of course had to try pictures there! I love how relaxed they were there!

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