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Lewis Family | Fall Session

I was honored to photograph Tess, her husband Corey and their kids Kai and twins Kadyn and Kori. We were pumped going into this session! Tess kept telling me how excited she was to have family pictures done, and how bubbly and enthusiastic the girls were, and they didn't disappoint! Despite an unintentional nap on the way to the Muny, where our session was, the girls bounced back quick. And when it came time to taking pictures of them one-one-one, oh my gosh! I couldn't click the shutter fast enough to keep up with their poses! All three are true models at heart!

Aren't they adorable?!? And I just LOVE their colors ... the maroon and blue is perfect for the fall, and really pops from the white walls at the Muny! Tess's lipstick is even a perfect match of her shirt! Amazing!

We had a lot of fun at the Muny. I found out that only Tess and two of the girls had seen a show there ("Little Mermaid" of course!), so hopefully seeing it in fall and how stunning the venue is will temp them to go back ... And maybe even inspire a love for theater?!? :)

I think this is one of my favorites from the entire session! Tess and the girls look so happy! I love taking pictures of moms and daughters, especially at these girls' ages. It's a time in their lives where they're still willing to be seen with mom, and I love it!

I must be in a tree mood! This is the second session in a row where we have found cool trees and used them in our sessions. I love how this tree really frames the family and how they all found such a natural way to "interact" with it for their pictures here.

The girls really loved getting their picture taken with mom and dad! (And tickling was a must!)

As is the case with most family sessions, the kids always love it when they get to make funny faces, and I think this is one of the best ones we've seen so far!

Look at these girls! They are three of the sweetest! And they just loved doing these pictures, getting to express themselves, and do all. the poses. All of them! It was so fun.

After we took the picture on the left, the girls looked up at me and said "Don't show this to anyone!"

So, shh! Don't tell on me! :)

Thank you to these wonderful family for letting me spend an evening with them and get to know all these sweet faces! The girls even gave me a flower petal they found during the session. I love when the session is done and the kids are sad to see me go! Especially these guys! :)

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