Friday Five | Halloween TV Episodes

Our final Halloween-themed Friday Five features five of my favorite Halloween TV episodes. This list was pretty hard to narrow down, but I think we've got five wonderful episodes here, and a few from shows you might not watch. Take a look at five of my favorite Halloween TV episodes (and a bonus that came up from a last minute episode that just aired!). Then let me know what your favorite Halloween episodes are. And, of course, as we go into Halloween week, have fun and stay safe! Boy Meets World: And Then There Was Shawn I remember watching Boy Meets World as a kid, and one of the episodes that continues to stick with me is this one. Their best Halloween episode — and one of their best epis

Friday Five | Halloween Movies

The last few weeks we've been getting our holiday entertainment on! And now, Halloween is less than two weeks away! So to continue our theme, these are my favorite movies that take place over Halloween (though, you'll note one isn't really a Halloween movie). It is always fun to watch a movie about Halloween as the holiday is coming up. And these are by far my favorite movies that feature the holiday. Hocus Pocus How could this not be No. 1 on the list! I mean, this is probably the greatest Halloween movie ever! No matter how many times I watch it, I still love it! It is the perfect 90s movie. Everyone is super 90s moody and the outfits are amazing! If you somehow have no clue what this movi

Friday Five | Teen Scary Movies

Welcome back to our spooky Halloween entertainment series! Last week we listed my five favorite outright scary movies. This week, I wanted to feature my favorite teen movies ... the ones that feature teenagers (even if they aren't necessarily played by teenagers) in spooky situations. These are the scary movies I prefer ... not too physiologically scaring, but still fun. Scream Trilogy This trilogy (or I guess four-logy as of a few years ago) is one that I still watch whenever it pops up somewhere (which is surprisingly often considering its age). Another in this set of Friday Fives by Wes Craven, the movie focuses on high school student Sydney Prescott who becomes the target of a killer. Th

Friday Five | Scary Movies

It is officially my favorite time of the year! Fall and Halloween are upon us! And today marks the first 60-degree days we've had since spring (so long 90-degree days!). Now that it's actually starting to feel like fall, and we're less than four weeks away from Halloween, I'm devoting this month to all things Halloween! Specifically Halloween entertainment. I started off my day jumping into the new season of the "Scream" TV show that recently dropped on Netflix ... and I got an email that their showed "Creeped Out" is back. I'm happy to add all of this to my queue as fall photo season begins and I'm spending more time with the TV than normal (gotta love the background noise!). This week I'm

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