Friday Five | Best Spider-Man: Homecoming Quotes

In excitement for next week's premier of "Spider-Man: Far from Home," we recently rewatched "Homecoming." It's definitely one of our favorite Marvel movies (top three!), so it's always fun to find an excuse to watch it. As we were, I am reminded at how great the writers did with some of these lines, and decided to devote this Friday Five to some of my favorite quotes from the movie. Take a look, and tell me your favorites! (Because I could only fit five, and there are so many more wonderful ones!) "Good old Spider-Man." Probably one of the best scenes in movies or TV. From the second the door opens and Peter realizes that Vulture is Liz's dad, to him walking out of the car at the homecoming

Friday Five | An Introduction

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week, I'll be posting a new blog post with five things ... those five things may be tips or fun facts or snippets of information ... whatever I may be finding interesting at the time. I don't necessarily have rhyme or reason to them, but they're really just an opportunity for you to learn a little about me (and maybe learn some tips of the trade). However, the other part of the goal is for me to learn about you through these posts. After you read them, take to the comments (here, Facebook, wherever!) and tell me your thoughts! Add to my five, share your five, tell me what you want to hear! I'm open to all the things. To get started, I wanted to

Sellers Extended Family Session

There is something incredibly special about getting 21 family members together! And that's exactly what Donna orchestrated so she could get pictures of her entire family. Only her parents and one daughter were not able to be there, which is a pretty amazing feat! And while her parents weren't there, Donna's idea behind the session was to get group family photos for them. Donna was the recipient of a sessions we donated to the Pattonville Wheelchair Basketball Game fundraiser, of which the proceeds benefit the DASA (Disabled Athlete Sports Association) Junior Rolling Rams. This was an opportunity for her to get all of her family together to take a big group picture for her parents. And it was

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